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9 reasons why people love beer

It Tastes Good

Some people may argue that this is a controversial reason, since everyone has different tastebuds. We disagree. Since there are so many different flavors of beer out there, someone is bound to find something they like the taste of. We recommend a light and bright hefeweizen to those who don’t think they are fans of beer, or a fruity lambic beer. You can even get your hands on champagne beer!

It Makes You Feel Good

Just like other types of alcohol, beer can give you a nice buzz. But beer is typically relatively low in alcohol content, around 4-6%. This is great because it reduces the risk that alcohol will sneak up on you and leave you wasted, unless you’re drinking an unusually strong beer. Even more interesting, the Indiana Alcohol Research Center found that just the taste of beer, without any effect from alcohol, can trigger the production of dopamine, making you feel good.

It’s Refreshing

There’s nothing like sipping on a cold, fizzy beer on a hot day. Though beer technically dehydrates you, it can taste incredibly refreshing. Light, bright flavors along with bubbling carbonation and cold temperatures make beer the perfect way to cool down.

It’s Beautiful

Flavor isn’t all brewers focus on. Many beers have been perfectly brewed to pour a gorgeous color. From ruby-pink sour beers to cloudy, golden wheat beers with tall heads, beer can be beautiful. Along with the beer itself, beer packaging and tap handles can be works of art as more and more breweries work with artists to make their beer stand out. Check out our favorite tap handles here, and our favorite beer packaging here.

It has Limitless Diversity

You can find almost any flavor in the craft beer world. There are over 2,800 craft breweries in the United States, and each makes beer in its own, unique way. From banana bread beer to a Sriracha-flavored brew, the options are pretty much limitless.

It’s Communal

Whether you or your friends are enjoying a pint at the local bar or you’re sharing cans at a house party, beer is a very social drink. It loosens your tongue to make discussion easier and provides you with a wealth of flavors to discuss. Best of all, it won’t get you too drunk if you are casually sipping, so that you won’t make a fool out of yourself (at least, not because of alcohol).

It’s Historical

Beer was consumed by ancient farmers who built the first agrarian civilizations, Egyptian workers as they toiled along the nile river, and is even thought by experts to have been the cause of civilization as we know it. By imbibing in beer, you’re following in an ancient tradition that brought joy to people’s lives throughout history.

It’s Cultural

Many countries, states, and even cities have their own specialty when it comes to beer. For example, England is famous for its cask ales and California for its California common beer. Drinking your favorite local brew and sharing it with others gives you a sense of identity and community.

It Makes You More Creative

If we need a little boost in creativity (and we’re not on the job), we love sipping on a beer to get our minds going. Beer has been proven to boost creativity by making you feel more relaxed and less worried about what’s going on around you. This enhanced creativity can make you better in social situations and artistic ones as well.

You have an amazing establishment, with wonderful food, excellent beer, background music, service, smiling staff and a nice atmosphere. You are amazing!!!!!


Best beer I think I've ever had. Very fun, amazing, and the beer is cool! Awesome to FINALLY have a consistent place to eat and drink. Have been telling all my friends!!!


We love the food, inviting atmosphere, and especially the beer!  We love coming to visit the brewery whenever we are in the area and getting six-packs of the great brew to bring home.

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